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default_header_715[1]Romagna is not a new idea, Romagna is the historical region where I was growing up.
The name Romagna comes from the Latin name Romània, which originally was the generic name for “land inhabited by Romans”.
Romagna is special because of the place: there is the longest beach of Europe and the second in the world. Romagna is special also because of the people:  Marco Melandri (Moto GP), the singer Laura Pausini, the film director Federico Fellini, Pope Pio VII, Pio VI, me and all the others.

Some Guiness:

  • this little region, is producing more red wine (Sangiovese) of all the Australia;
  • is hosting more of 6000 hotels, with the highest density in the world and the town on the sea with more hotels in the world: Rimini;
  • Romagna is always waiting for your holidays here;
  • Romagna region is located at the crossroads between Florence and Venice with Milan and Rome – there is also a second largest crossroads between USA and Oceania, Russia and South America, comprehensive of North Europe and South Africa – practically Romagna is at the center of the world;
  • Every person born here, when abroad is singing at least one time the song “Romagna mia” (Mine Romagna) here you can listen and read the lyric translated to have some fun!

I am sure that now you dreamt to go to Romagna!



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